Selecting a new wedge or set of wedges? We’re here to help with a guide to the best wedges 2017 has to offer, plus advice on getting the right loft and bounce


Best Wedges 2017

Take a look at our list of the best products for the past year.

10 Of The Best Wedges 2017

While we all know how important a sharp short game can be to the outcome of our round, we perhaps don’t give enough thought to the wedges we use.

If you are serious about improving your performance from 100 yards and in, and most importantly around the greens, there are a few key things you should consider, like what bounce angle will suit your action, and which lofts you’ll need, which depends on how many wedges you want to carry.

But before you get to that stage, you must first choose a model, so here is our guide to 10 of the best wedges 2017 currently has to offer….


Titleist Vokey SM6 – £140

Titleist Vokey SM6 Family

GM says: Compared to the hugely popular Titleist Vokey SM5 wedge, the new SM6 model features a progressive centre of gravity (CG) design that aligns the CGs with the impact position of each loft to produce more precise distance and trajectory control with exceptional feel. They come in three finishes: Tour Chrome, Steel Grey or Jet Black and in five sole grinds inspired by Tour players: L, M, S, F, K to cover all swing types and shot preferences. A new Spin Milled TX4 groove and face texture combination delivers up to 200rpm more spin from the rough while narrower, deeper grooves in the lower lofts create ideal spin for more full shots.

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Callaway Mack Daddy Forged – £139


A squarer sole and half-crescent shaped sole grind make it more versatile

GM says: Designed for the better player, these wedges include less offset and a less forgiving straighter leading edge that help increase precision, plus a crescent-shaped grind that makes half-shots and shots off tight lies easier to execute. A new R sole grind has a defined crescent shape and mid bounce that helps make a broad range of greenside shots easier to play. The new Callaway Mack Daddy Forged wedge also features progressive centre of gravity (CG) positions that see the CG gradually move upwards as the lofts increase, promoting  a lower and, crucially, easier-to-control flight in the higher lofts without sacrificing spin, making it easier to attack flags.

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Cleveland RTX-3 – £99

GM says: New Feel Balancing technology shifts the centre of gravity (CG) closer to the centre of the clubface by shortening the hosel and inserting a micro cavity to save weight. This reduces vibration to improve feel while head stability at impact increases for better forgiveness and distance control. A new V shape sole improves turf interaction while new Tour Zip Grooves have a deeper, narrower U shape with a sharp edge radius to enhance control and help prevent fliers. To maximize surface roughness to the conforming limit, Laser Milling technology engraves lines between the grooves for added friction and increased spin on greenside shots.

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Cobra King Pur – £89

Cobra King Pur Wedge Revealed

GM says: The Pur wedge is a raw, un-plated 304 stainless steel version of Cobra’s King wedge, designed to maximise spin and improve feel around the greens as well as reduce glare from the sun. It shares the same three sole grinds and progressive spin technology as the original, catering for different types of wedge play and conditions.

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Mizuno S18 – £140

Mizuno S18 Wedge online

GM says: The stronger lofts used for full shots incorporate narrower and deeper Quad Cut Grooves that are more beneficial for controlling your trajectory. Wider and shallower grooves are then utilised in the higher lofts to maximise spin on short greenside shots. Loft specific centre of gravity positions also feature, with weight shifted progressively higher up the face in the more lofted wedges via a visibly thicker beveled topline. This creates more consistent spin rates on strikes from higher up the face, which are more common in the higher lofts.

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Ping Glide 2.0 – £130

Ping Glide 2.0 wedges launched

GM says: Precision-milled, tour-spec grooves vary in design and configuration depending on the loft. From 54˚ to 60˚ the grooves feature a shallower side wall, a sharper edge radius and two additional grooves compared to the 50˚ and 52˚ models. The hydropearl chrome finish helps repel water, equaling better spin control from different lies in wet conditions. They are available in four sole widths and grinds: TS, a thin sole, low-bounce option in the higher lofts; SS, a standard sole offering mid-bounce in every loft; WS, a wider-soled, high-bounce option in the higher lofts; and ES, the Eye Sole that offers an 8˚ bounce option from 54˚ to 60˚.

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TaylorMade Milled Grind – £139

TaylorMade Milled Grind wedge revealed 2

GM says: Said to provide more spin around the greens as well as better turf interaction and versatility, the new Milled Grind wedges benefit from CNC machined sole geometry and a slightly more rounded and symmetrical leading edge to promote consistent turf interaction. New ZTP-17 grooves features steeper side walls and sharper edge radius for maximum spin. There’s also one extra groove compared to previous TaylorMade wedge, going up in number from 16 to 17. A Precision Weight Port in the hosel cavity saves 10g of weight, allowing for a more optimal CG location, providing a lower launch angle and increased spin rate.

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Cleveland CBX – £109

Cleveland CBX wedge

GM Says: Cleveland say the CBX wedge is more forgiving than a blade-style wedge thanks to its cavity back design, while maintaining short game versatility. It features the same Rotex Face seen on the Cleveland RTX 3 wedge that helps produce more spin for enhanced greenside control. A Dual-V Sole Grind and progressively wider sole from heel to toe aids forgiveness through the turf and on bunker shots turf. Feel Balancing Technology, where the CG is positioned closer to the centre of the clubface, improves feel, clubhead stability and distance control.

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Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP – 

Wilson Staff FG Tour PMP wedge

GM says: PMP stands for Precision Milled Performance thanks to laser etched Micro Spin lines for increased spin on partial shots and maximum volume HM grooves for better spin on full shots. Now comes this new in Oil Can finish.

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Yonex N1-W – £199

Yonex N1-W wedge

GM Says: A graphite insert behind the face dampens vibration for improved feel while a 3D round sole reduces turf interaction. The vibration initally after impact is greater, but it is dampened much more quickly afterwards than many other wedges for the ultimate in feel. An N.S Pro Modus 3 System 3 Tour 125 shaft comes as standard.

Wedges in 2017 – What you need to consider

Measure your current wedge yardages and how often you are in between clubs to help decide if you need to carry extra options.

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Low bounce wedges are more suited to hard fairways and tight lies, while high bounce wedges are better for softer ground conditions and bunkers. The most bounce you will ever see on a wedge is about 18°, but it can be as low as 2°. The type of bounce you opt for should largely depend on things like your normal angle of attack, the firmness of your fairways and the type of shots you like to hit around the greens.

Options like black PVD and copper are becoming increasingly common. The difference is mainly cosmetic; but dark finishes can help reduce glare.

While grooves are now tightly regulated, it is still well worth keeping up to date with the latest designs, which use new milling processes and groove shapes to help move water and dirt away from the ball at impact to create extra spin and improve control.