The golf ball is the only piece of equipment you use for every shot – so playing with the right model for your game is crucial. Here we highlight the best golf balls 2018 has to offer to help you make your selection.

Best Golf Balls 2018

Take a look at our list of the Best Golf Balls of 2018.

It’s a pretty simple premise that using the same golf ball in practice as you do in competitions will help heighten your feel for a more reliable short game.

But as our selection of the best golf balls 2018 below showcases, despite their similar appearances on the outside, different brands’ designs and philosophies are growing apart.

What do you need to consider?

Soft or firm?

A lot of the best golf balls 2018 has to offer come in alternative versions that spin slightly less for players who prefer a firmer feel or more control off the tee. Try both types from a range of distances to find your preference.

Cover material

Urethane covers offer the best spin control and feel but do cost more. Experiment to see if you notice enough of a difference to validate the extra cost.

Long game or short game?

With conflicting fitting messages from different brands, consider if your game will benefit most from extra yards off the tee or better feel and control around the greens.


The best golf balls 2018 contenders

Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1x

The number one ball in golf performs for every level of golfer. The difference between the two has arguably reduced in 2018, with the latest version of the Pro V1 now offering lower driver spin than before, while maintaining supreme short game feel and control, and durability.

2018 Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x Golf Balls Revealed

The Pro V1 features a Next Generation 2.0 ZG Process Core that benefits from a new formula that generates lower spin and faster ball speeds, with the biggest spin reductions noticeable in the long game. The Pro V1’s cover delivers superb short-game performance thanks to a soft Urethane Elastomer that delivers control with soft feel.

The two versions differ in terms of flight, feel and spin. The Pro V1 flies lower with a penetrating trajectory and feels softer, while the Pro V1x flies higher, has a slightly firmer feel, and spins more on iron shots.

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Srixon Z-Star & Z-Star XV

Srixon upgraded its premium ball range to offer more distance and spin, plus greater consistency in windy conditions. Both models feature a new 338 Speed Dimple pattern, which uses five different dimple sizes – resulting in a more powerful trajectory. The Z-Star also features a ‘super-soft’ Energetic Gradient Growth core that is softer in the middle, then progressively harder towards the outside, making it softer than its predecessor. It generates a higher launch with lower driver spin.

2018 Srixon Z-Star Balls Revealed

The Z-Star XV, played by Hideki Matsuyama, will provide more distance off the tee as a result of a new ‘high-repulsion’ EGC large-diameter dual core design. A new 13% softer Spin Skin coating aids greenside control, while the urethane cover provides more consistent spin control on approach shots. Both are high-performance tour balls aimed at golfers seeking more distance, feel and spin control.

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TaylorMade TP5 & TP5x

Both of these premium, tour-calibre balls came to the market in March 2017 – and they’ve made some impact. The TP5 is softer, while the TP5x, played by Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson, is lower spinning.

TaylorMade TP5, Best Golf Balls 2018

The five-layer construction sees each layer customised to suit a different area of performance, covering driver and iron distance, iron control and spin and greenside performance and feel. TaylorMade claims there is no compromise between distance, control and feel as a result of this construction. The biggest gains will be for higher swing-speed players and, overall, it’s certainly a strong challenger to the Titleist Pro V1.

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Callaway Chrome Soft & Chrome Soft X

The Chrome Soft X has been added to Callaway’s range following the success of the Chrome Soft. Both balls share the same four-piece design, speed-boosting Dual SoftFast core for added distance and HEX Aerodynamics to reduce drag and keep it airborne for longer, but the X model is lower-spinning and firmer.

Callaway Chrome Soft X, Best Golf Balls 2018

This means stronger swingers can harness more of the energy they create than with Chrome Soft X for extra ball speed and more distance. A similar version of the Chrome Soft was played on tour by Phil Mickelson, which tells you this is also a ball that offers superb feel and control.

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Mizuno MP-S & MP-X

These are the two models in Mizuno’s growing range aimed at better players. The four-piece MP-X features a dual core design that reduces spin from the driver, so stronger ball strikers gain more control. Its urethane cover also enhances initial ball speed, while the 330 dimple configuration helps create a penetrating flight.

Mizuno MP-S, Best Golf Balls 2018

The three-piece MP-S (above) is Mizuno’s softest and most responsive ball. The cover is just 0.5mm thick to help increase ball speeds from the tee, while a 330 dimple configuration aids a stable flight.

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Volvik S4

You may have noticed Bubba Watson using a pink golf ball and it’s the Volvik S4. This soft feeling premium ball suits Bubba because it has been designed for fast swinging golfers, while offering tour-level control around the greens. Its urethane cover offers optimum spin rates for greenside touch shots, while the core provides longer distance off the tee. Furthermore, white, pink and green versions are all available – if that’s your thing.

Volvik S4, Best Golf Balls 2018

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Vice Golf Pro & Pro Plus

German ball manufacturer Vice believes that high-performing balls don’t need to have such a sizeable price tag – which sounds appealing, right? For example, if you purchase 60 Vice Golf Pro balls through its website you’ll get them for just £1.79 per ball (£21.49 per dozen).

Vice Golf Pro, Best Golf Balls 2018

The Vice Golf Pro is designed for golfers with moderate-to-high clubhead speeds and features a cast urethane cover and the manufacturer’s ‘Stick To The Green’ (S2TG) technology that assists greenside spin. The Pro Plus then offers lower spin and launch for faster swinging players.

Hopefully this will help you with your golf ball selection. Browse the Golf Monthly website for all our latest equipment news and video reviews.

  • Rod Peach

    Play what you can afford. I like Callaways speed regime 2 balls, but you watch, you find a ball you really like and they will stop making it

  • Yeti owner

    So buy a dozen of each to find out eh!

    Wish I could afford to do that!