We take a look at the coolest and most stylish golfing belts on the market this year.


Best Golf Belts 2018

Take a look at some of the Best Golf Belts of 2018 below.

When heading out to do battle on the fairways, looking and feeling great can give you the edge when it comes to your performance. As we all know, golf is such a psychological sport that small things like this over your opponent or the field could be the final ingredient for a perfect round.

While a golf belt’s chief responsibility is to hold up your trousers and make you feel more comfortable, it’s also a way for you to make a statement with your outfit. Men are limited in options when it comes to accessorising but the belt is a key way to enhance your look and express your own personal style.

So here we look at some of the most striking belt designs on the market in 2017 from some of the coolest golf brands and designers.

FootJoy Buckle Belt – £60

This genuine leather belt offers a sleek and athletic look with a statement metal buckle featuring the FJ logo. It’s available in three colours – smooth white, charcoal snake and navy snake, the latter two have a snakeskin style finish. It’s stylish but sturdy and is suitable to be worn in all weathers.

Best Golf Belts 2018

Oscar Jacobson Classic Golf Belt – £45

Available in a range of lengths, this stylish leather golf belt features a metal buckle with the OJ logo on. It’s a sleek and stylish looking belt that will pair with almost any outfit you own.

Best Golf Belts 2018


Druh Belts – Dark Brown Crocodile Textured Leather Belt – £100.40

Make a statement and stand out on the fairways with this luxurious crocodile-style textured belt. It features an understated but stylish buckle for the perfect overall look.

Best Golf Belts 2018


Nike Stretch Woven Men’s Belt – £31.95

This belt has a stretch fit for extra comfort and has been designed to twist and turn as you move, increasing your range of motion. The stylish buckle is a brushed gunmetal with a matte black prong.

Best Golf Belts 2018


Galvin Green Wesley Belt – £64.95

This stylish golf belt comes in six different colours and features an enamel cut-out buckle with stylised Galvin Green logo. What makes it great is the range of those colour options, which go from understated to outlandish.

Best Golf Belts 2018

adidas webbing belt – £17.95

This functional and sporty golf belt offers outstanding value at less than £20. It is constructed from a durable fabric and it features a metal 3-stripes buckle with matte finish. It’s also available in six different colours so you can pair one with any outfit.


Best Golf Belts 2018


Under Armour Braided Belt – £30

Under Armour has one of the largest selection of golf belts, but this model really stands out. It offers a casual yet functional look and is available in a range of sizes and colours. The woven webbing construction even delivers stretch properties to help enhance your performance.

Best Golf Belts 2018

Callaway Chev Belt II –  £39.99

This stylish golf belt features a Callaway Chevron buckle and is available in black, blue and white.

Best Golf Belts 2018

Mizuno Webbed Belt – £15

Another great value option, this one-size belt has a stylish metal buckle featuring the Mizuno logo. It is also available in Black, Clown Fish, Norse Blue and White.

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Best Golf Belts 2018

Puma Script belt – £22.99

This golf belt delivers a great retro look with its enamel filled buckle and its scripted logo. The 100% leather strap is naturally textured and the rivets feature an 18-hole logo. Available in blue, black and white.

Best Golf Belts 2018

With so many stylish and unique belt offerings to choose from, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect option to complete your golf look.

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