Read our guide to the best golf GPS watches on the market in 2018 and you’ll have a much clearer idea on which product is right for you.

Best Golf GPS Watches 2018

Take a look at our list of the Best Golf GPS Watches in 2018

Best Golf GPS Watches 2018

These days there can be no excuses for not knowing your distances, be that to the centre of the green, for example, or to clear a water hazard. Such technology has made it easier for golfers to play with more confidence and commit to the shot knowing they have an accurate yardage. However, with so much choice on the market, it can be more difficult to decide which golf GPS watch is right for you, and within your budget.

If you’ve made the decision to buy a golf watch, as opposed to a larger handheld device or a laser, you’ve probably already opted for simplicity – just a quick glance at your watch for an accurate yardage. It’s then a case of deciding how many additional features you’d prefer to have.

You won’t go too far wrong with one of the following watches.

Garmin Approach S6

Features a full colour touchscreen display that allows you manually move the flag’s location for supreme accuracy. Hazard and lay-up numbers also help with strategy, while you can pair it with your smartphone to check your messages. Careful not to upset your playing partners, mind.


Garmin Approach S5

Garmin Approach S60

A feature-packed and stylish offering containing detailed full colour maps for over 40,000 courses. Features a large sunlight-readable colour touchscreen face and can also be used to monitor runs, swims and bike rides – now that is an added benefit.

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GolfBuddy WTX

Delivers the functionality associated with a handheld GPS unit in a compact watch. Features a full colour screen and touchscreen functionality with a complete hole layout that shows the golfer’s position, as well as dynamic green view that provides accurate distances from the specific angle of approach.

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GolfBuddy WTX Watch

TomTom Golfer 2

Designed to help golfers improve their game by detecting tee and approach shots automatically, which can then be analysed after your round using the MySports app. Auto scorecard tracks your score and the post-game analysis gives insights into shot patterns and much more, so you have an idea on where you need to improve and where your strengths lie.

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TomTom Golfer 2 GPS watch


SkyCaddie Linx 

Traditional looking watch which utilises yardages that have been mapped on foot to provide distances to the front, middle and back at over 35,000 pre-loaded courses. Annual membership is £39.95. Features IntelliGreen, which shows the green’s shape, a really useful additional.


SkyCaddie LINX review

GolfBuddy WT6 

A simple GPS watch offering accurate GPS numbers for the golfer that just wants yardages at a glance. Provides nine hours of battery life in golf mode. Boasts Dynamic Green View for improved accuracy.


Golfbuddy WT6 GPS Watch Best Golf GPS Watches 2018

Bushnell Excel – £199

GM says: Pairs via Bluetooth to the Bushnell Golf App to allow the golfer to book tee times, pay, confirm and set tee time notifications all from their smart phone. There is also the option for 3D course flyovers to give the golfer a birds-eye view of the hole. The Excel also has improved battery life – lasting three plus rounds before needing a charge. Additional features include a full frontal optical mounted colour display with auto brightness adjustment, pedometer, odometer and the ability to get up to four hazard distances per hole.

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SkyCaddie SW2

Comes ready-to-play with golf’s only ground-corrected precision course maps exclusive to SkyCaddie users, providing at-a-glance distances to the front, centre and back of every green on its easy-to-read display. Automatically detects your course and advances holes. Contains a host of fitness features, plus a pace-of-play timer.

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SkyCaddie SW2 Watch Best Golf GPS Watches 2018

Whatever the GPS Watch that takes your fancy we hope it helps you with your game!