A look at some of the superb training aids that are on the market and that could help you improve your game this season


Best Golf Training Aids 2018

Take a look at some of the Best Training Aids of 2018 below.

Golf is one of the most technically challenging sports out there and playing just once a week will not be enough to see you make big improvements. You might not have time to make it to the course more often than that but there are plenty of tools available to allow you to work on your game at home or at the driving range.

Whether the aids are designed to help you hone your swing or to improve your putting, a little bit of work goes a long way and could see you knocking shots off your handicap, so below we look at some of the best golf training aids on the market in 2018.

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer – £19.99

This putting training aid is designed around a parabolic curve and features a white rubber target that is the exact size of a real hole. The curve also helps return your ball on good putts and rejects missed putts, while the hole in the middle holds on to any puts that are deemed to be the perfect line and pace.

Putt Out Training Aid

Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment mirror – £39.95

This golf training aid will help you correct poor alignment on the greens and make more putts as a result. The putter gate slots allow you to set up a gate of tees for the toe and heel of the putter to make sure you’re making contact with the centre of the face. It’s also mirrored to help you get your eyes over the ball every time and it comes with a carry bag.

Best Golf Training Aids 2018

Brand Fusion Tour A.S. Alignment sticks – £14.99

Getting your alignment right is crucial and that is why you see so many tour players working with alignment sticks on the driving range to embed their fundamentals correctly. These Tour A.S. Alignment Sticks come in colourful pairs and include a drill sheet to show you how to use them correctly and effectively.

Best Golf Training Aids 2018

SKLZ Putting gate – £18.99

This excellent and good value golf training aid will give you instant feedback on the path of your putting stroke. To hit the ball with a perfect square stroke, your putter must pass through the gates without making contact.

Best Golf Training Aids 2018

Lamkin Training Grip – £14.99

Designed to help bed in the perfect golf grip, this is an excellent golf training aid for new and more experienced players who need to check their fundamentals. But do remember, you can’t use this in tournament play!

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Best Golf Training Aids 2018

SKLZ Tempo Grip Trainer – £24.99

This golf training aid is similar to the grip trainer above, but it also allows you to work on your tempo. It has a moulded grip that positions your hands and fingers in the ideal positions, while the weight on the end of the shaft can be altered to give the feeling of either a wood or an iron.

Best Golf Training Aids 2018

PGA Tour Power Play Impact Bag – £19.99

A great indoor training aid, this bag helps you to work on your impact position and strengthen your wrists and forearms. It is heavy-duty and highly durable and comes with a sturdy carry handle.

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Best Golf Training Aids 2018

Masters Golf Airflow Practice Balls – £2.99 for six

Dirt cheap and perfect for indoor chipping, these durable, plastic airflow balls allow you to work on your swing indoors or in your garden.

Best Golf Training Aids 2018

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