If you're on a strict budget with your golf equipment, read our guide to the best value golf balls on the market.


Best Value Golf Balls 2018

Take a look at our list of the Best Value Golf Balls for 2018.

At the top end of the market, you have your golf balls that don’t compromise on performance, in terms of precise spin control and distance. A dozen golf balls in the premium bracket can cost in excess of £40, which is an obstacle for some golfers, especially beginners and those on a strict budget.

Many of us are content using a cheaper ball, perhaps because of our skill level and increased likelihood of losing ‘ammo’, or simply for reasons of value.

We do recommend using a premium golf ball, especially if you have designs on improving and getting the very best out of your game. However, that doesn’t mean value golf balls shouldn’t be an option, nor does it mean you can’t get the performance you need from a lower price ball in accordance with where you are skill-wise in the game.

Gone are the days when budget balls felt like rocks; times have changed, and so have the performance levels on offer. Still, we’d still recommend you try before you buy, as different brands have conflicting fitting messages. Consider if your game will benefit most from extra yards off the tee or better distance control around the green.

Taking this into consideration, we’ve put together our best value golf balls, so you have a little bit more knowledge to go on when arriving in the golf shop in front of a large, often intimidating, ball plinth.


Srixon AD333

The UK’s best-selling two-piece golf ball for the past 11 years now features a lower-compression EGG Core, a new third generation Spin Skin coating and a more efficient 338 Aerodynamic Speed Dimple Pattern. These three technologies combine to deliver balanced performance, including longer and more accurate driving distance, better iron control and improved greenside spin.

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2017 Srixon AD333 Ball Unveiled

Titleist DT TruSoft

Compared to the previous Titleist DT TruSoft ball, this new version has been designed to maintain the softness you’ll experience, but while adding a few extra yards of distance. This was made possible thanks to its TruTouch Core getting larger and its TruFlex Cover getting thinner, which together reduce long game spin. The ball’s dimples have also been refined to produce a more consistent flight.

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New Titleist DT TruSoft Balls Introduced

















Srixon Soft Feel

Another popular offering from Srixon in the lower price bracket, largely due to its incredibly soft feel. Its 10th model has improved greenside spin whilst still offering impressive distance. A good all-rounder at a really attractive price.

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Srixon Soft Feel Men's Golf Balls - White, 12 Pack

Titleist Velocity

A distance ball very popular with amateur golfers seeking a bit more yardage. However, you should notice short game feel as well, which makes this a must-try ball in the value range. A thin cover combined with the reengineered core creates high launch on approach shots with a steep angle of descent for stopping power on the green.

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Titleist Velocity, best value golf balls 2018


Callaway Supersoft

Callaway’s softest golf ball ever features refined HEX Aerodynamics with surface contours that reduce drag and enhance lift, helping the ball stay in the air longer for increased carry distance. A new lower compression core that is designed to combine faster ball speed with low spin for longer, straighter flights on full shots while a softer blend Tri-ionomer cover formulation increases the soft feel.

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Srixon UltiSoft

If you regard yourself as having a slower than average swing speed, we think you’ll notice the long game benefits. Yes, it lacks a little spin compared to Srixon’s premium Z-Star, but short game feel is soft off the face and this is definitely one to try.

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Srixon UltiSoft, best value golf balls 2018

The new Srixon UltiSoft golf ball


Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft

As the name would suggest, they’re soft, so it’s going to suit those who prefer this type of feel at impact, especially off the shorter clubs. This is the lowest compression ball on the market (29) and the 2-piece construction provides minimal spin when hit with a driver to help improve accuracy.

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Wilson Staff Dx2 Soft, best value golf balls 2018

Wilson Staff DX2 Soft

Mizuno JPX

As well as a new blue number, this two-piece ball also has a larger core design that helps reduce long game spin to give you more distance. This larger core also has the lowest compression of any Mizuno ball to help increase ball speeds for players with low-to-mid swing speeds. A durable multi-blend polymer cover provides soft greenside feel and responsive shot feedback while the micro-dimple cover, which features 512 dimples in total, helps achieve longer carries.


2017 Mizuno JPX golf ball

Callaway Warbird

The latest Callaway Warbird has been designed for distance seekers and is a two-piece ball that has a large, soft, high-energy core with  low compression that yields faster ball speeds. It also has Callaway’s HEX Aerodynamics that reduce drag for increased carries, while its thin ionomer cover works with the core to promote feel and feedback.


Callaway Warbird golf ball


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