Fergus Bisset: Highs and lows

Fergus isn't exactly enjoying playing golf at the moment, luckily he is enjoying watching it on TV and it's earning him a bit of cash on the side.

With The Golf Premier League due to take place soon, golf fans will be intrigued as to whether the vast quantities of money in India will help facilitate the next…

Fergus Bisset: Following the sun

Last week Fergus escaped the grim British winter for a few days in the sun on the Algarve covering the Grand Final of the Volvo Matchplay Championship

Golf fanatic John Fowler gives us the fascinating background behind his golf book collection, and reveals why the time has come to sell it off

Fergus Bisset: A decent proposal

Fergus welcomes the R&A and USGA's proposed "anchoring" rule change. He's a little late in writing about it but, hey, they were a little late in proposing it.