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supplementary score

Supplementary scores could help you to establish and retain a handicap more representative of your current playing ability.

golfer cliches

Whether it's Mr Angry, Mr Rules or Golf-mad Gary, all club golfers will be familiar with these characters...

chubby chandler

We sat down with one of the game's most interesting characters to hear his take on the world of professional golf

what is a stimpmeter and how does it work?

What is a stimpmeter and how does it work? If you are used to watching professional golf on the TV, you have probably heard commentators refer to stimpmeter readings. But…

Here we take a look at ten people who have changed golf through innovation, helping to shape and grow the sport we all know and love today...

Playing with the pros in portugal

GM's Elliott Heath recently travelled to Vilamoura where he played 18 holes each with two different professionals, it was a game-changing day for him

How to find the right metalwoods for your game

How To Find The Right Metalwoods For Your Game Most golfers now agree that to maximise the performance benefits new technology offers, a thorough custom fitting is essential. But this…