Mizuno launches JPX-EZ and JPX-EZ Forged irons

This Autumn, Japanese manufacturer Mizuno is set to release

two new sets of irons within its JPX range – the JPX-EZ and JPX-EZ Forged.

This comes soon after Mizuno announced the release

of their new range of MP irons.

The new JPX-EZ and JPX-EZ Forged irons have been designed

to enhance distance, accuracy, trajectory and feedback from individual shots.

A Maximum Pocket Cavity design for the long irons delivers

greater accuracy through an enlarged sweet spot and greater capabilities to

launch the golf ball, while the short irons’ Deep Pocket Cavity design offers enhanced

accuracy and launch control.

Both models boast Mizuno’s new Harmonic Impact

Technology (H.I.T.), which produces better shot feedback through sound and

feel, alongside the minimalizing of glare through matt black or black nickel


Mizuno’s new iron replacement utility club, the JPX FLI-HI,

can be incorporated into the two new JPX iron sets for greater distance,

accuracy and launch control compared to standard long irons.

The JPX FLI-HI has been engineered with a lower Centre of

Gravity to steepen its launch and landing angles, as well as a thin soleplate

to create greater distance off low face impact.