Since hybrid clubs or utilities gained a foothold in golf bags a decade ago, they've revolutionised the long game for many, including scores of top pros

The long game is hard, isn’t it? When you’re a couple of hundred yards away from the green, staring down at a club with relatively little loft and hoping to be able to strike that little white sphere not only cleanly, but also accurately towards the distant target, it is undoubtedly one of game’s greatest challenges. But it is one that has, for many, been made significantly easier by the arrival of hybrid clubs or utilities.

Such has been the popularity and success of these long-iron replacements since they first really arrived in force about a decade ago, that it’s rare to find a tour pro without at least one of these little wonder clubs in his or her bag these days – often more. The reason? They find long approach play one of the game’s greatest challenges too, even if they are a little better at it than you or me. Just listen to Oliver Wilson extolling the virtues of his long-serving Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood in this What’s in the Bag video…

  • Dwight Tichenor

    I really would like to hit that 3 or 4 iron but when I replaced it with an 18 degree hybrids, it found itself in the “clubs I used to play” corner of the shed.