Read our guide to the best golf hybrids and utility clubs for 2017. Find your perfect club and transform your scoring.

Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

Take a look at our list of the Best Golf Hybrids and Utility Clubs for 2017 below.

Matched with the correct hybrid for your game, this club can transform your scoring. A hybrid, utility, or rescue, is often more appealing than a long iron with extra forgiveness on offer and a more confidence-inspiring clubhead. They provide a superb option on long par 3s and can even help around the greens. In short, it’s the most versatile club in the bag.

How do we define ‘best’? Well, there are some fantastic models on the market and Golf Monthly has been busy on the range putting each model through its paces. You’ll have your own preferences in terms of looks and some products target certain skills levels – but we’ve covered all abilities here. To make matters easier, we’ve gone with three ‘bests’ in three separate categories, as follows:

Best for workability

TaylorMade M1

Features hosel adjustability. A sliding weight can help you alter your shop shape, and add distance to your game. A sleek look at address will appeal to the shot shapers out there.

TaylorMade M1, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

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Ping G400 Crossover

If you prefer your hybrid to bear more of a resemblance to an iron than a fairway wood, here’s a fantastic option. Spins like an iron to aid workability, but with a hot and forgiving clubface. Quite possibly the answer to all your long iron problems.

Ping G400 Crossover Review

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Titleist 718 T-MB

Definitely one to ask your fitter about when opting for Titleist clubs, as these sit very nicely in the bag, especially for the more confident ball strikers, and this new model is now available as a full set. High-density tungsten enhances forgiveness and a thin face boosts distance. See how you get on compared to Titleist’s 818 hybrids.

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Titleist 718 T-MB Irons Review

Best for forgiveness

Wilson Staff D300

Larger heads (low lofts) aid forgiveness; small heads (high lofts) aid control. Boast new aerodynamic heads with Micro Vortex Generators, plus Carpenter Custom 455 maraging stainless steel face inserts to boost ball speeds.

Wilson Staff D300, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

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Callaway XR OS

The larger sole helps create an extremely forgiving hybrid from all lies. The clubhead is closer in size to a fairway, so it doesn’t look intimidating at address. A powerful club.

Callaway XR OS, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017


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Ping G400

Features Turbulators on the crown that help with face alignment and positioning the ball centrally at address. A cascading sole enhances the springing effect for more distance.

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Best for gapping

Titleist 818

Active Recoil Channel 2.0 drives speed with low spin and great feel, available in H1 and H2 options and now features SureFit CG to adjust ball flight further. The H1 looks larger at address and launches the ball higher. The H2 is more compact and offers a controlled flight with a tighter distance dispersion.

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Titleist 818 Hybrids Revealed

Mizuno CLK

Shaped like a wood but plays like an iron. You should fine this hybrid provides a good balance between distance and stopping power, as well high levels of forgiveness. Extremely versatile.

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Cobra King F7

The use of its Baffler rails make this an extremely versatile club, while a fixed weight enhances MOI. Each club features a fixed back CG (13-gram) to deliver high MOI and a more centred CG for enhanced forgiveness and precision.

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Cobra King F7, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

Others strong options to consider…

Lynx Black Cat

Lynx’s Black Cat range is becoming ever more popular. Its compact head is easy to hit from multiple lies and golfers have the choice of three colours.

Lynx Black Cat, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

Benross HTX Compressor

A super option at a really good price (widely available under £90). The design incorporates the new innovative Compressor Technology Response Channel, which will maximise the ball speed from the entire face.

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Benross HTX Compressor hybrid

Srixon Z H65

Srixon’s return to the hardware market has seen the arrival of some quality products – this hybrid being one. A crown channel gets deeper by loft to promote forgiving, high launches.

Srixon Z H65, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

Yonex Ezone Elite

Offers distance and forgiveness for the slower swing speed player via unique Octaforce technology. A lower CG helps get the ball up in the air more easily.

Benross Ezone Elite, Best Golf Hybrids And Utility Clubs 2017

By speaking to a qualified expert, hopefully during a custom fitting, only then will you be certain of what’s actually best for you. We hope this has given you an idea of where to go next, but be sure to browse Golf Monthly further for more reviews and videos.

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    The fact you forgot the mention the Callaway XR Hybrids takes away the validity of this article .