Our guide to the best mid price golf balls on the market in 2017. Here are five which sit one down from the premium bracket.

Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2017

Take a look at our list of the Best Mid Price Golf Balls for 2017 below.

Golf balls can be loosely categorised as ‘Value’, ‘Mid Price’ or ‘Premium’. You may feel you’re at a stage in your game where you want more performance from your ball than what a value ball can offer; or you might prefer not to fork out over £45 on a dozen premium balls – which is perfectly understandable.

If you’re not going all out on a premium golf ball, read our list of the best mid price options and you’ll hopefully have a better understanding of which one will suit your own game. All we’d say is that as the one piece of equipment you use for every shot, it’s imperative you get this right, so you get the most out of your game.

We also recommend you try before you buy, as different brands have conflicting fitting messages.

Titleist NXT Tour & Titleist NXT Tour S

The Titleist Pro V1 and pro V1X represent the pinnacle of premium golf ball performance. However, just below the Pro V1, the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S offer excellent all-round performance at a lower price. The NXT Tour is a high performance ball delivering low driver and long iron spin for outstanding distance, along with excellent shot stopping control. This is achieved through a larger centre dual core engine for explosive distances and a soft, fast Fusablend cover for superb greenside control. The Tour S sits in the same price bracket and delivers the same high performance benefits, but feels even softer.

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Titleist NXT Tour, Best Mid Price Golf Balls 2017

Srixon AD333 Tour

Another option in the mid price range comes in the form of the AD333 Tour, which offers premium performance at an affordable price tag. The 2016 version features a new Energetic Gradient Growth core that is five compression points softer to aid distance and deliver a softer feel. Second generation SpinSkin technology also increases frictional force to improve short game control, which you should get a sense of around the greens.

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2016 Srixon AD333 Tour

TaylorMade Project (a)

Designed for competitive mid-handicappers who need more approach-shot spin. This 3-piece ball features a soft and durable urethane cover and is certainly worth putting to the test. The REACT core is designed for more distance and the Soft Tech cast urethane cover, also found on the Tour Preferred balls, delivers spin and feel.

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Wilson Staff Dx3 Urethane 

The ‘World’s Softest Urethane Golf Ball’. What does this mean for you? It’s worth a try because it does offer exceptional spin control and enhanced distances. A ball that gives golfers tour performance spin, so will appeal to the feel player.

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wilson staff DX3-urethane-web

Callaway Chrome Soft

The new version features four layers and a new urethane cover for improved overall performance and durability. This is a ball that has been well received from a wide range of skill levels. A similar version of it was played on Tour by Phil Mickelson, which tells you this is a ball offering superb feel.

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Volvik Vivid

The first matte-finished golf ball range comes in a wide variety of colours and is said to offer a stable, consistent flight as well as longer distance, especially for slow and mid swing speed golfers.

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Vice Golf Pro Soft

Tiny silicate particles in the clear lacquer create the first matte-finished, urethane-covered golf ball. This three piece ball has a low compression for a soft feel and explosive distance while also offering greenside spin.



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