We’ve identified 6 of the best novelty golf head covers to help you stand out from the crowd.


Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Take a look at 6 of the best novelty head covers.

Tiger Woods has his Tiger, Ernie Els has his lion, and Bud Cauley…. not sure. We’re talking head covers, not everyone’s favourite, but there’s a big market out there for those of us who prefer a cuddly animal or something equally eye-catching on the end of our driver, as opposed to the manufacturers’ own – which is just too bland for some of us.

Here are 6 of our favourites…

Official Star Wars Golf Driver Head Cover

We’ve checked, and they do exist. Yoda’s head provides ample room and protection for your 460cc driver and, who knows, maybe it will give you special powers on the golf course.


Star Wars, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

The Simpsons Duff Beer Can Golf Driver Head Cover (by 20th Century)

Again, we’ve checked, and they’re available. Why wouldn’t they be, Matt Groening isn’t stupid. Just think, for all those times you can’t make it to the 19th for a quick half, you’ll always have your Duff Beer head cover.

Simpsons Duff Beer Can, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Daphne’s Zebra Golf Driver Head Cover

To get Daphne’s Tiger head cover would be too obvious. Why not opt for a different animal, such as a zebra; everyone loves a zebra. If you’re more of an aggressive player, you could go for the wolf, but we prefer this more laid back species.

Daphne's Zebra, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Daphne’s Snail Golf Hybrid/Utility Head Cover

Another beauty from Daphne’s – golf club headcovers for fun-loving golfers. What we like about the snail is that you can buy it for that slow player at your club. In doing so, you’re helping do your bit for the game.

Daphne's Snail, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Snowman Golf Hybrid/Utility Head Cover

Your chance to mix it up through the season. Pop this on your 21-degree rescue through the winter months and show your fellow golfers that you’re a serious player.

Snowman, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers


Emoji Unisex Golf Driver Head Cover

The world wide web is awash with novelty head covers and you’ll find the Emoji out there. Golf brings out all our emotions, often rage, which makes this head cover, in angry/red, very appealing.

Emoji, Best Novelty Golf Head Covers

Whatever the headcover that takes your fancy we hope it helps you with your game!


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