England Golf has unveiled a three-year strategic plain in an attempt to buck golf's decline and encourage more people to engage with the game

England Golf has unveiled a three-year strategic plain in an attempt to buck golf’s decline and encourage more people to engage with the game.

The strategy – announced by England Golf Chief Executive David Joy – aims to create more players and more club members, stronger clubs, winning golfers, outstanding championships for golfers of all abilities, an improved image of the game and excellent governance.

It gives direction and sets out a framework at club, county and national level, with an emphasis on collaboration between all parties with a vested interest in the growth of golf.

“What we are planning to do certainly isn’t easy, but it is important and by working together, by raising our game, we have a real chance of success,” said Joy.

“We have much to do over the next three years, but we will be rewarded with a much better understanding of what golfers really want, whether they are club golfers or independent golfers, men or women, young or not so young.

“That knowledge will help us, collectively, to offer golf in the way golfers want it. This plan provides us with the opportunity to really work together, to combine our efforts for the good of the game.”

The plan aims to achieve the following:

– Increase the number of people who play golf at least once a week from the baseline of 750,000 in 2014 to 910,000 by March 2017
– To reverse the decline in club membership – which has been occurring nationally sunk 2005 – and stabilise club membership at the July 2014 level of 675,000 members
– To strengthen the talent development pathway from club to national level, leading to even more international success for English players
– To improve communications, governance and partnerships at all levels within England Golf

Di Dougherty, who introduced the new strategy, said: “I really believe in the work of England Golf, the importance of this plan and in us all working together to promote and develop the game, which offers so much to so many people of all ages and abilities.”

According to England Golf, hundreds of individuals and organisations have contributed to the development of the strategy.

To see and download a copy of the England Golf Strategic Plan for 2014-2017, click here.

  • John Dunbar

    There is an opportunity to promote the game to young women. At the recent Women’s Amateur at Tandridge GC I am told the average age was 17 years. This belies public perception. Showcase these girls to dismiss the old fuddy-duddy image of the game and get young women joining clubs. Half a dozen to a club will be enough to have a snowball effect as friends join friends for healthy, non-sweaty excercise and new social opportunities.

  • Yeti owner

    I think we need to see schools and clubs forming parnerships/coalitions to start hooking the kids at an early age.