A 22-foot long sinkhole has appeared on Traigh golf course on the west coast of Scotland

A large sinkhole has appeared near a green on the UK mainland’s most westerly golf course – Traigh near Arisaig in the Highlands of Scotland.


The 9ft deep, 22ft long hole was caused by heavy rain, washing away a drain running under the fairway by the seventh green.

The club will now have to find money to help it pay the estimated £16,000 cost of the repairs needed. Some 200 tonnes of sand will be required to fill the hole. Could it just become a really challenging new bunker? Maybe not…

The sinkhole has been fenced off and the nine-hole course remains open to members.

Traigh is one of the UKs’ most scenic golf courses, with stunning views out across the sea towards the Isles of Rum and Eigg and beyond to the Cuillins of Skye.

If anyone is worried about the dog, don’t fear. Traigh Golf Club has confirmed it made it out of the sinkhole unharmed!

  • Traigh Golf Course

    Just to know that our famous sink hole has been fully repaired.

    In fact following all the media interest is stirred up, as a wee bit of fun we have renamed the 7th hole “The Sink Hole”.

  • ship69

    Repairs are now well underway…

  • ship69

    Repairs are well under way. Here’s another photo “Making Swiss Rolls…”

  • ship69

    “What are they doing to our 100% fescues ?!”

    I don’t think the weather is helping – lots of sleet apparently – but repairs have already started. Should be complete within a couple of weeks…

  • ship69

    Proof that the wee dog escaped!