GM: Was there a sense that you didn’t need to say much in the

dressing room, that the players knew what needed to be done and that

they were ready to deliver?

JM: To be honest, I think the way

Poulter won and the way he celebrated it, when he turned around to his

teammates and gave them that look, I think that transferred to the rest

of the players and made it easier for me in the locker room. The

atmosphere changed completely. All of a sudden from being down and out,

with pretty much no hope, all of a sudden every player started to

believe that it was do-able, that the momentum had changed and that, if

we had a good start on Sunday morning, it was possible. They had the

belief, and I think that was key. Obviously we knew it was going to be

difficult, but when you have belief and you really rely on your

teammates, everything is possible.

GM: One of the most iconic

images was you on the 18th fairway after Kaymer holed the winning putt.

Could you believe what you’d just seen?

JM: The rollercoaster of

emotions that I had to go through that week was unbelievable. You all

know how much the Ryder Cup has meant to me in my career, and on top of

that I had Seve’s memory present that week. It was a huge relief in a

way, and a huge satisfaction. That’s why when Martin makes that putt I

look up in the skies and give a thought to Seve. That was it. I didn’t

completely express my emotions at that moment, because I was trying to

hold on. It was one of the best moments of my life.

GM: What’s your opinion on the appointment of Paul McGinley.


I think it’s a great appointment and I think that he’s going to be a

great captain. He’s great with detail, he has all the information and

he’s meticulous. He’s very good at that, and that’s why I had him as a

vice captain. He knows all the players well, he’s close to the players,

he knows all their secrets and demons and I think he’s going to be a

great captain.

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