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How to play the flop shot in golf

As we all know the flop shot is one of the most dangerous in the game – especially if you don’t have a close understanding for how to play the…

what does 'fanning' the golf club mean?

As coaches, we often see players who ‘fan’ the club in the backswing but what does ‘fanning’ the golf club mean? This refers to when the hands become too active…

The 11 best game-improvement irons 2017

The 11 best game-improvement irons 2017 Outside your annual sub, your irons are probably the most expensive golf purchase you are likely to make, so it’s worth spending a little…

how to play more golf in 2017

Stop agonising about how infrequently you play and make 2017 your most active golfing year to date

Women Members At Muirfield

The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers will vote on admitting women members again after failing to reach a two-thirds majority last May