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supplementary score

Supplementary scores could help you to establish and retain a handicap more representative of your current playing ability.

Tour Player Connection And Sequence Drills

The body is the engine of the golf swing. These tour player connection and sequence drills are designed to improve the way the arms and body work together for greater…

Rules of golf ball at rest moved

Golf Monthly's Jeremy Ellwood discusses the penalties under Rule 18 if your ball at rest is moved with The R&A's Shona McRae

practice on the course

Generally, practice on the course is prohibited in competitions, but there are certain exceptions as GM's Jeremy Ellwood learns from The R&A's Shona McRae

Rules of Golf Equipment Rules

Golf Monthly's Jeremy Ellwood discusses some of the essential golf equipment Rules governing the clubs you use out on the course with The R&A's Shona McRae

Rules of Golf The Flagstick

Golf Monthly's Jeremy Ellwood takes a look at some of the essential Rules governing the flagstick with The R&A's Shona McRae

Pre-Round Putting Drills

To avoid unnecessary mistakes on the greens early in the round, try GM Top 25 Coach, Andrew Reynolds', pre-round putting drills before you tee it up

How To Improve Your Putting Feel

GM Top 25 Coach Keith Wood suggests three drills to enhance your awareness and really improve your putting feel on the greens…