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Motocaddy S1 Digital golf trolley


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The Motocaddy S1 Digital golf trolley is an updated version of the original S1 Digital. It is designed to be easy to operate thanks to a combined on/off switch and speed controller. A digital display shows the selected speed setting.

Battery options/price: 18-hole (£299.99), 36-hole (329.99), Lithium (£499.99)
Colour options: Black, alpine, titanium
Warranty/servicing: Two-year on trolley and Lithium battery. One-year on any other battery


It was very easy to manoeuvre and the speed settings were easy to match to walking pace. Virtually silent on operation. More stylish than the price tag might suggest. A little more fiddly to set up than others on test. The stop/start button was very sensitive, and the trolley went off unexpectedly on occasions. The speed control was in a tricky position for use. At this price this is an extremely impressive trolley. It ran in almost silence and was very easy to use. The screen design is not as user-friendly as the S3, but this is one of the only trolleys at this price point that can be combined with a lightweight Lithium battery.

  • Roger Savage

    I bought a Motocaddy S1 Electric Golf Cart in September 2014 with a lead/acid battery and Motocaddy bag. From the start the trolly joints were not tight enough and after Motocaddy said that they would send a new set of rivets to my local Golf Pro for him to re-build the trolly I repaired it myself! The bag started to fall apart after 8 months so I upgraded to a better Motocaddy bag which failed after 12 months. The first battery lasted 11 months and the replacement only 8 months. Motocaddy offered me 10% off a lithium battery in compensation.
    Quality products? Caring customer service? I don’t think so.
    I’ve just bought an alternative lithium battery from Alpha Batteries for £50 less than the equivalent Motocaddy battery – same spec.
    Has anyone else experienced these sorts of problems with Motocaddy?
    Roger (HC14)