Clive Tucker PGA ProfessionalLocation: Wildwood G&CC, Surrey


Price: £90 per hour

Biography: Clive turned pro in 1974 and played for 10 years within Europe and Africa. He cites his best coaching experience as coaching David Howell into the world’s top 10.

Coaching philosophy: “Coach the person, not just the technique.”

Best tip: “You can tell a lot about your swing from your finish position. If your midriff is facing the target and you remain in balance, it’s a sign of a controlled, dynamic movement.”

Rickie Fowler golf swing tips

In this exclusive feature, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Clive Tucker, looks at the detail in Rickie’s technique. From his secret power ingredient to his pressure-proof putting process, Clive places Fowler’s game under the microscope and offers some simple Rickie Fowler golf swing tips. Rickie Fowler Golf Swing Tips Rickie…

power fixes for golf

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Clive Tucker tells you how to achieve your most powerful golf swing.

why do i hook the ball

Why do I hook the ball? Face check Your first port of call, obviously, is to check your alignment. This might seem basic but I’m always surprised by how many amateurs aim offline without realising. A great way to check your clubface alignment is to take your normal address position…

over the top golf swing drill

Over the top golf swing drill Coming over the top is the number one cause of a slice. When this happens you tend to reach the top of the backswing and then your upper body becomes too active, your right shoulder initiates the rotation in the downswing and the club…

why do i pull iron shots

If you have been asking yourself, why do I pull iron shots, this page provides all the help you need. The first thing to understand is that the pull comes from when the club attacks the ball from an out-to-in path (this is the same swing path that someone with…

Better distance control

Get Your Lofts Checked If you are serious about your golf and want to find better distance control with irons, it’s a good idea to have your lofts checked. Ideally, you should have around 4˚ between each iron in the bag. However, as more and more of us fly to…

Control the clubface to stop slicing drives

If you struggle with losing the ball to the right, you need to think about how to control the clubface to stop slicing drives. One cause I often see among the players I coach is when the clubface opens at the top of the backswing – you can see if…