Peter Finch PGA ProfessionalLocation: Quest Golf Academy, Prairie Sports Village, Windermere Avenue, Burnley, Lancashire, BB10 2FU


Price: £70 per hour

Biography: Peter’s first sporting love was football, but, when he picked up an injury at the age of 13, he turned his attention to golf. His handicap quickly fell to low single figures and, by the age of 17, he had started his PGA training at The Shropshire. After four years working there, and at Lilleshall Hall under the tutelage of Rob Bluck, Peter moved to Manchester, joining the team at the Trafford Golf Centre. Having seen how Rick Shiels had grown his client base through the use of YouTube, Peter followed suit, offering his own brand of online tuition. Now Peter’s channel – which features regular vlogs as well as tips – has 75,000 subscribers and his videos have been watched more than fifteen million times. Peter and Rick are now based as Prairie Sports Village in Burnley.

Teaching philosophy: “I am 100 per cent focused on the individual and not on any type of swing model.”

Best tip: “Place a bank note on the surface of the sand and put a golf ball on top. This works well to create a clear vision for how big you want the splash created by the clubhead to be.”

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Bank Note Bunker Shot

PGA pro Peter Finch explains why his bank note bunker drill will give you the perfect visuals for the divot required in the greenside splash shot

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