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clear your hips

Clear your hips for power drives

To create speed at impact your body must able to rotate powerfully through the hitting zone and so its imperative that you clear your hips for power drives. For some…

long bunker shot technique

How to play the hardest shot in golf

Long bunker shots are amongst the hardest challenges our game can pose a player. Being able to get the distance right without thinning the ball over the back or dumping…

Robert Rock swing analysis

Robert Rock Golf Swing Analysis

Before joining the European Tour Robert Rock, started his golfing life as a PGA professional and so apart from competing in local events, he spent this time studying the golf…

Donaldosn short game

Jamie Donaldson’s 5 Short Game Secrets

1 Know Your Game Over the last year or so, with Rory McIlroy performning so well and hitting it so far, a lot has been said about the importance of…

Beginners guide to chipping

Beginners Guide To Chipping

  With players requiring a whole host of different shots and techniques during a typical 18 holes, we all know that golf can be a complicated game. That’s why I…

how to hit a draw

How do I hit a draw shot in golf?

  If you have ever asked yourself ‘how do I hit a draw shot in golf’ the simple answer is to make a few subtle changes to your address position.…

Better distance control

Better distance control with irons

  Get Your Lofts Checked If you are serious about your golf and want to find better distance control with irons, it’s a good idea to have your lofts checked.…