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Fairway bunker tips

Swedish golfer Alex Noren discusses how best to tackle fairway bunkers.


Iron Practice

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Clive Tucker offers advice on how to practice your iron shots at the range.


Splash shot keys

Head pro at Littlestone GC in Kent and Golf Monthly Top 25 coach, Andrew Jones offers you advice on how to play those greenside splash shots.


Power fixes

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Clive Tucker tells you how to achieve your most powerful golf swing.

How to strike your woods

How to strike your woods

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Clive Tucker helps you to strike your woods to achieve more consistent shots to the green.


Coil for more power video

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Gary Smith explains how optimising your coil for more power can result in you gaining valuable yards off the tee.


Matteo Manassero fairway woods video

Matteo Mannessero discusses fairway woods, including the setup in his bag at the moment, along with the technique he tries to employ when hitting them.


Escaping trouble video

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Barney Puttick has some advice for being more aggressive when escaping trouble to help you make par more often.


Fairway wood striking video

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Barnet Puttich has some tips to help you with your fairway wood striking to help you reach more par 5's in two.