As anyone who has ever picked up a club will know, golf is one of the toughest sports you can play. Of course, this also makes it one of the most rewarding and explains why so many of us get addicted. There is no hiding however from the fact that to get more from the game, you need to devote time to it in practice. The tips section of the Golf Monthly website is packed full of the best advice in the game. From driving it longer and straighter to developing a deft touch around the greens, we have every aspect of the game covered. We also have a library of video tips from the Golf Monthly Top 25 coaches to bring you the best possible advice. Let our tips section become your guide to better golf this year!

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Rickie Fowler golf swing tips

In this exclusive feature, Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach, Clive Tucker, looks at the detail in Rickie’s technique. From his secret power ingredient to his pressure-proof putting process, Clive places Fowler’s game under the microscope and offers some simple Rickie Fowler golf swing tips. Rickie Fowler Golf Swing Tips Rickie…

Jordan Spieth keys to his game

“I’m working really hard on my putting. No one has ever done that perfectly. But what I do know is how you putt on every hole determines how happy or unhappy you are walking to the next tee, so it’s worth working on.” Jordan Spieth Jordan Spieth The Keys To…


If I were to ask you to make a guess as to the highest single hole score in professional golf what would you throw back at me? If you only managed early double figures, then you are still miles away. The great Tommy Armour playing in the Shawnee Open in…

Shanking cures

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Barney Puttick offers his shanking cures to help you stop striking your iron shots from the hosel...

lob shot

Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Neil Plimmer has some valuable tips on playing the greenside lob shot, to help you get out of trouble more easily.

lag putting

Golf Monthly top 25 coach Andrew Reynolds helps you improve your lag putting


Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Steve Robinson teaches you how to improve your putting skills.


Golf Monthly Top 25 coach Keith Williams explains how to hole more 6ft putts