The rough on the PGA Tour is unlike what I grew up with playing in Sweden; it’s taller, thicker and the ball sinks to the roots. To adapt, I developed a three-step plan…

Check the lie
How the ball is sitting determines which club you should use. When the ball is down, you need to make a steep swing to minimise the amount of grass between clubface and ball through impact – so use your shortest club (remember: shorter=steeper).

Survey the green
If you have little green to work with, again use your shortest, most lofted club to stop the ball faster. For me, that’s my 58° wedge. But if you have room, try a pitching wedge or 9-iron (as long as the ball isn’t buried).

Swing up, shift forward
With the ball centred in your stance, swing your arms back and let your wrists hinge while keeping your lower body quiet. As you start down, shift your weight forward setting up a steep descent for clean contact. Finish with your chest facing the target.