The Crow's Nest is located on the second floor of the clubhouse at Augusta National, but what exactly is it? By James Stroud

What Is The Crow’s Nest At Augusta National?

Only the avid golfer would know what The Crow’s Nest is and what purpose it serves.

Located on the second floor of Augusta National’s clubhouse, The Crow’s Nest is one of the most historic places on the property.

Situated above the Champion’s Locker Room and the library, the room provides accommodation for the amateurs competing at the US Masters.

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Although it does not provide the most luxurious of stays, The Crow’s Nest is steeped in history and provides those that are fortunate enough to stay there with a truly memorable experience.

What Is The Crow's Nest At Augusta National?

An inside view of The Crow’s Nest (Photo by Chris Thelen/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The room is fairly small; it only measures 30 x 40 feet and is divided into four bedrooms to accommodate the players. Also included in the area is a games table, a sofa, chairs and a television.

The room is filled with an abundance of photo’s from past tournaments, with historic past champions such as Byron Nelson and Gene Sarazen being just a few names that grace its walls.

The Bird’s Nest got its name due to its square ceiling, which can only be accessed via ladder and provides those looking out of it with views in any direction.

The Story Of The 2016 Masters:

This year, the Crow’s Nest will accommodate the five amateurs that have qualified to compete at The US Masters.

Those that will be staying there for the duration of this year’s tournament include 2016 US Amateur Champion Curtis Luck and 2016 Amateur Champion Scott Gregory, as well as Brad Dalke, Stewart Hagestad and Mexico’s Toto Gana.

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What Is The Crow's Nest At Augusta National?

An inside look of one of the Bedroom’s located in the Crow’s Nest (Photo by Fred Vuich/Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

Although no amateur has won the tournament, eight of those that had previously stayed at The Crow’s Nest went on to win at Augusta later on in their careers.

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That list includes Jack Nicklaus, Tommy Aaron, Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw, Craig Stadler, Mark O’Meara, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

Although this year’s crop of amateurs will be looking to make history and become the first amateur to win the Masters, regardless of the outcome they will most probably be content having stayed at such a prestigious venue where many golfing greats have resided before.