We asked the masses the following questions, and most of them answered:



How many Masters have you been to?

How did you get your tickets?

Favourite memory over the years?


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Charles Harrell & Dan Lacey

From: North Carolina and England, East London

15th time they have been here.

Charles’ son won tickets in a raffle for life – as long as he keeps paying for them! He won aged 43 and has four tickets for as long as he wants – something Dad is very pleased about.

Favourite memory: Watching Greg Norman in his pomp.

Handicap: 22 & 20

Tip for the title: Zach Johnson

Keith Lethco & Bill Watters

From: Very local

Been coming to the Masters for 36 and 42 years respectively. Both of their fathers worked at a local plutonium processing factory just outside the gates and were given tickets back in the 1950s. Then having come each year they got put on the now defunct mailing list. The tickets have now passed on to their sons!

Handicap: 12 & 6 respectively.

Tip for the title: Adam Scott and Angel Cabrera.

Steve & Jenni

From: Tennesse but grew up in Augusta.

Jenni’s 86-year-old mother has been coming for 45 years – thanks to that mailing list – but has now passed on the tickets to her children. Jenni has come every year since 1972.

Favourite memory: watching the action with childhood sweethearts.

Tip for the title: no idea!

Gary Patton and Bill George

From: Arizona

1st time at the Masters

A friend who has had tickets for 30 years can’t make it this year so there are here all four days.

Handicaps: 20 & 14

Tip for the title: Phil Mickelson – well he is from Arizona State!

Laura and Gordon Stricken

From: Florida

2nd time at Augusta

A friend won tickets for all four days in a raffle and gave them a pair.

Handicap: declined to answer!

Tip for the title: Ernie Els – it’s going to be his year.

Lenny Hollander

From: New York

1st time at the Masters

Given a spare ticket by a friend who has had them for ever.

Handicap: 27

Tip for the title: KJ Choi

Sharon Wender

From: Florida

1st time at the Masters

Her (very kind) boss got her the ticket and she is loving every minute.

Handicap: 23

Tip for the title: Phil Mickelson.

Jim Lee

From: Colorado

1st time at the Masters

His cousin is best friends with a member and they have been bringing a party here for the last 30 years and he finally got an invite this year.

Handicap: 15

Tip for the title: Phil Mickelson.

Ben & Kitty Chivers

From: Locals

2nd time at the Masters

A friend who has life-time tickets had some spares for the first day’s action.

Don’t play golf.

Tip for the title: Any of them could do it.

Elias & Debbie Burton

From: Very local

1st time at the Masters

It’s been impossible for us to get tickets but a friend of ours from work finally got us some!

Favourite moment: Saw Tiger tee off at 1.

Handicap: only on the computer!

Tip for the title: wait until Saturday and then I’ll tell you.