The Butler Cabin is probably one of the most important properties at Augusta National, but what exactly is it? By James Stroud

What Is The Butler Cabin At Augusta National?

Those that watch The Masters year after year will be familiar with the Butler Cabin, but when asked what exactly it is many will not be able to muster an answer.

The Butler Cabin is one of the most historic properties at Augusta and is a place in which Masters Champions remember with great fondness.

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What Is The Butler Cabin At Augusta National?

The Butler Cabin at Augusta National. (Photo by Fred Vuich /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

Directly after winning the tournament, the player who wins the Masters will be swiftly directed to the Butler Cabin, where he will be interviewed for the first time as a Champion.

The victorious player will also be presented with his Green Jacket for the first time by the previous year’s champion.

If any of the amateurs make the cut, the player who finishes the highest out of all of them will also be present where they will be given their trophy for low amateur.

The Story Of The 2017 Masters:

The Butler Cabin is also home to American TV broadcasters who broadcast their coverage from the property.

Aside from the attention that the Cabin gets during Masters week, for the rest of the year the cabin can be used as a place to stay for members and their guests.

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What Is The Butler Cabin At Augusta National?

Sandy Lyle, Nick Faldo, Hord Hardin and Jim Nantz pose for pictures inside the Butler Cabin after the 1989 Masters Tournament (Photo by Augusta National/Getty Images)

The Cabin was constructed in 1964 and was named after Thomas Butler; who was a member at Augusta at the time.

The estate is one of ten cabins on the grounds of Augusta and along with the Eisenhower Cabin, the two are the most well-known.

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At the start of the Masters, every player in the field has the ambition to achieve entry into the Butler Cabin come Sunday events.

But only a few who play well enough will be able to realise their dream.