13) Take a sickie to play golf

Some days are just not meant for sitting behind a desk. These glorious sunny days were created by the good Lord for strolling round a golf course, so when such a day comes up you owe it to yourself to get out there and play. Just remember though, a golfer?s suntan (head, neck and forearms) is incriminating evidence so cover up and slap on the sunscreen.

14) Go on a golfing holiday

It could be a weekend or a fortnight, but setting off into the golfing unknown is to be cherished. But, be warned. The build-up is the best bit as your game will have deserted you by the second day, you?ll be bored of golf by the fourth, drink far too much of the local brew and vow never to go on another golf trip ever again. Until next time…

15) Drive a par 4

No matter what your handicap, one thing that?s guaranteed to get the adrenaline going is teeing it up on a reachable par 4. All that?s stood between you and a putt for an eagle is a decent tee shot. And although the end result is usually a lightning fast swing and either a feeble top or a huge slice, now and then you do make the dance floor. Having got it there all you now need to do is coax your ball into the hole for that magical two or a three. Er, no pressure then.

16) Attend a Tour event

Great though watching golf on TV is, it can?t compare with seeing Tiger and Co in action. If you?ve ever doubted these guys play a different game to us lot, then you?ll become a believer the minute you?ve seen the first silky smooth swing ease the ball effortlessly down the fairway. The only drawback are the views, but remember you can always retire to the beer tent and and watch proceedings from the big screen.

17) Drive a golf buggy in an inappropriate fashion

You do, of course, understand we?re not condoning any sort of Banana Splits style rampaging across the fairways. But, there are few better antidotes to a three putt than creating a dust storm courtesy of a wheel spin double donut combo. But we never told you that. Right?

18) Buy a golfing gadget

We all know that the best way to get our game back on track is a few hours down the range, but we?re an impatient lot, so enter the golfing gadgets promising a simple diagnosis and quick fix. From baseball caps which beep to alert you to the heinous crime of an errant head movement, to weirdy-beardy pendants to keep us calm, there?s a myriad of paraphernalia on offer to tempt the troubled golfer. The one thing that you can be sure of is that after the novelty of practising with your new gadget has worn off (approximately two days), they?re destined to live out the remainder of their days in the cupboard under the stairs.