A few miles up the coast from Royal County Down is Ardglass Golf Club and if you’re planning a trip to the area you should pen in a visit. Another links of the highest order it hugs a rugged stretch of rocky coastline. So it goes without saying you can expect more than a light zephyr. Keep the ball away fom the sea, deep bunkers and thick rough and you’ve got half a chance.

You’ll get a good view of the sea from all 18 holes and it comes into play on eight of them, no more so than on the 11th – the best of three new holes at Ardglass. At this 488 yard par 5 the Irish Sea sits hard against the entire length of the hole and birdie hunters must drive the ball out over the rocky outcrops and waves and land it on a bit of fairway that looks pencil thin from the tee. From where you’re playing up to a green which is defended by two sizeable bunkers and backed by a menacing rocky outcrop.

Northern Ireland is full of great welcomes but nowhere is better than Ardglass. Nothing is too much trouble at this lovely club and if you meet a more friendly pro than Phil Farrell write in and tell us, because we’d like to meet him.

Best Hole: Miss the Irish Seaon the 11th and you’ve got a chance, take a swim and you’re looking at a serious number.