Although Glasgow golfers are not spoilt for choice to quite the same degree as their Edinburgh cousins, they do have a fine array of courses at their disposal. Cawder, just north of the city, is one of the best.

Formed in 1933 when the Stirling family of Keir and Cawder were convinced by dedicated early golfers to lease out their magnificent estate and its 17th-century mansion house for the purposes of setting up a golf club.

The ubiquitous James Braid was hired to design the layout and a year later the course opened for play. The club soon became very popular and demand was such that a second course, the Kier, was built in 1937, with Braid again the architect.

Over the years the Cawder has undergone several reconstructions, due to some land being reclaimed for mineral workings then later given back and remodelled. The end result is a 6297-yard course that is regarded as one of the toughest inland challenges in the west of Scotland.

It has been the scene of many professional and top amateur events, and hosted the Scottish Youth Championships in 1997. More recently, the LPGA Scottish Open has been held here on three occasions.

Although it’s the junior course, the Keir is also much respected. At 5891 yards, it is shorter than the Cawder but can be more demanding on your short game because of its small, tricky greens.

Best Hole: 14th Cawder course 450 yards par 4. Drive needs to be hit over trees before a second over water with, normally, a long iron. What’s more the green is on two tiers. Start dancing if you make four.

Address: Cadder Road, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow

Tel: 0141 772 7102

Green fees: £30 a round, £40 for the day

Restrictions: No play at weekends. Weekdays – not before 9.30am or between 1-2pm on the Keir course