If, as they say, a week is a long time in politics, then six weeks is a very, very long time between blog entries. But, ever the pint half full man that I am, I have to see the month and half long sabbatical from my on-line diary, as an improvement after my last lay-off of seven weeks.
I think one of my biggest problems when it comes round to filling an update is the fact I feel I have to wait until I have something really worthwhile to say before I tap away.
I have come to the conclusion that this plan is flawed as almost always a period of newsworthy happening is followed by a mad rush to catch up lost time. And so it has been since February the 12th – the date of my last effort.
If truth be told that as well as getting our biggest issue of the year out of the door (May, which features our 2007 Equipment Guide) I must admit to having also played a fair amount of golf in the last six weeks. I?d like to say my game is now in the groove and I?m ready to go low in April. The truth is that I can?t buy a putt. I?m very bored of my own company in the car and and I?ve been doing a lot of catching up on day to day stuff on evenings and weekends.
Excuses out the way I noticed two things while watching Tigers cakewalk of a fourth round at the WGC event at Doral that prompted me to put fingers to keyboard.
Firstly the quality of the golfers representing the ?Rest of the World? in the field – especially compared to their US counterparts – and how perhaps the Ryder Cup should now be Europe vs ROW.
Secondly – how timely the announcement from the USPGA and R&A seems on possible regulations to curb the control modern irons and wedges give top players from the rough. I know Tiger is something else but the amount of spin and bite on his approach shot to 5th green – played from from the rough into which he?d bombed his tee shot – seemed almost farcical.
Food for thought on both accounts. What do you think? Drop me an e-mail to michael_harris@ipcmedia.com with your thoughts.