Apologies for the delay in reporting back on the conclusion of the Writer Cup but I have only just dried out enough to be allowed to touch electrical equipment.
It had all started so well with fabulous weather for Saturday’s golf at Kingsbarns and the Duke’s Course. In the morning fourballs I partnered Dan Murphy from National Club Golfer and despite us both playing some pretty decent golf we got steamrollered 6 & 4 by the US duo who putted out of their boots and used their shots very cannily. I responded to the defeat the only way a golf writer knows how, and imbibed several pints of continental lager.
Perhaps surprisingly given my refuelling, my performance in the afternoon fourballs with GM contributor martin Vousden wasn’t too bad. In fact at dormie 2 up Martin and I looked to have secured a point for the team. However a chop fest at 17 (I was responsible for a dunch and knife) saw the game go to 18. Having hit my best drive of the day and then watched the Americans dump their second in a greenside bunker we really thought we were home and dry and could enjoy the walk up to the green. However Martin’s approach fell short into a bunker and after watching the Americans get their on the green I knew I needed to commit to the shot to get it back the 40 yards to the flag. I certainly did commit to the escape shot so much so that I was still rising as it clattered into the trees and came down on distant cart path and bounced OB. Thanks for the game.
The following morning dawned wet and very windy and by the time I stood on the first tee of the Old Course the torrential rain was blowing hard into our faces. By halfway down the first I was soaked, by the 7th I had run out of my supply of six dry gloves and at the 8th a major constituent part of my brolly snapped in the wind. At the 10th I started to hail. When I three putted for the fourth time in five holes at the Road Hole I had sealed a 3&1 loss. The only good thing was that I didn?t have to play the 18th and could hop over the wall by the Jigger Inn and squelch through the lobby of the Old Course Hotel. Not a good day for me but thankfully the team ran eventual winners by 14 points to 10.
A UK victory in Scotland, hopefully something that might be repeated this week at Carnosutie. I just hope Howell, Casey and co have better waterproofs and umbrellas than I did.