If you are one of many golfers who hit it great on the range but then struggle during competitive rounds, this mental golf book could be just what you need.

Psychologist Darrin Gee runs the revolutionary Sprit Golf Academy in Hawaii that focuses exclusively on the mental game. Based on the teachings at his academy Gee has produced ?The seven principles of golf? which explains how to improve your game through various mental techniques.

Gee describes principles that are important but often neglected by club golfers. Principle Three for example describes of the importance of shot visualisation and how it can improve your game.

For those sceptical about golf psychology this book backs up its theories with enough practical examples to keep you interested and really make you think. For players already convinced by the benefits of mental instruction they will find Gee?s ideas stimulating and detailed.

The Seven Principles of Golf – Mastering the Mental Game on and Off the Golf Course
By Darrin Gee
Stewart, Tabori & Chang