We?ve all been there. Stood on the 18th tee as we prepare to unleash the driver, dreaming of victory in the Open or at Augusta. As a teenager Tom Cox thought the same, but soon fell out of love with the game. Turning thirty prompted a revival in Cox?s old golfing habits though and he set out to find how hard it really is to be a pro. Whether it?s down to natural ability and skill or if he can hack it down the track alongside the best of them. After all, qualification for the Open was only five rounds away.

The result is a brilliantly entertaining book by Cox. It?s documents his yearlong physical and psychological battle in the world of professional golf and the frustrations and hilarity that accompanied it. If you want a golf book that is laugh-out-loud funny, then this is for you. Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia is published by Yellow Jersey Press and retails at £11.99.

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How many qualifying rounds are there for The Open Championship?