Wake up your girlfriend

No, not for that reason. Instead, ask her where she keeps her PMS tablets. Any normal painkiller will just add to your already ailing liver?s tasks by giving it another set of toxins to deal with. ?It may sound bizarre,? admits Jukes, ?but they?re formulated to cope with nausea, headaches and fatigue without troubling an already delicate system.?

The Fry Up

Forget the fried slice and black pudding. The only part of ?the special? that?ll make you feel better are the eggs. ?No matter how they?re cooked they?re loaded with protein and rich in cysteine,? reveals Jukes. ?This aids the liver in its production of glutathione, which, in turn, eliminates free radicals.?

Overdose on Vitamins

Your vitamin stores have been dangerously depleted and so you need to call out the big guns. In America you need a doctor?s prescription for Berocca, but over here you can buy it over the counter at any chemists.

?It truly is the monster of multi-vitamins,? says Jukes. ?Providing you with more than 15 times the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of Vitamin C, more than 10 times the RDA of Vitamins B1 and B12 and more than nine times the RDA of B2.? Desperate times call for desperate measures, but Jukes warns, ?This is the only time you?re EVER going to need to exceed your recommended daily allowance.?

Fresh air

It may be more tempting to lie in bed watching CD:UK bemoaning your fragile state, but oxygenating the blood helps the destructive by-products of your session leave the body faster. So a brisk walk in the rough searching for your fourth lost ball of the day, although frustrating and humiliating, is at least doing you good.

The Nineteenth Hole

If you?ve had to rip up your scorecard, don?t be tempted to visit the clubhouse for a consoling drink. ?It may offer short-term relief,? says Dr Montague, ?but only because your liver stops processing the toxins already flying around your system to deal with the new intake of alcohol.? So be warned. A quick hair-of-the-dog session may sound appealing, but will ultimately send you straight back to a hangover.