Unfortunately, your hobby involves you being out of the house on the weekend when relationship and family time is at a premium. This means you have to think about smarter scheduling. For example, is there any way that you can book an early tee time so that you’ve still got plenty of time to dedicate to her? Or is there any way that you can satisfy your golfing needs at work either by taking meetings on the course or suggesting a round with the boss one afternoon?

Of course, for those of us who hate getting up early or who don’t have such an understanding boss there is a tried and tested option. There are now numerous holidays from spa breaks to Florida beach resorts that have golf courses attached and they are specifically geared to the golfing/non-golfing relationship.

“Most holidays are spoiled for couples for two reasons,” says Michael Sharples of Golden Green Villas. “They either get bored because they haven’t got anything to do but lie on a beach all day or they actually start to get on each others nerves because they’re spending too much time together.”

Sharples is convinced his holiday firm is so successful because it offers couples the chance to unwind together while also allowing them to indulge in private passions. “Our biggest re booking market are couples who’ve gone away together and when she’s booked a spa treatment, he’s booked a round of golf. Then they meet up afterwards, both completely relaxed and ready to indulge one another.”

Just remember divorce rates amongst the professional ranks are amongst the highest in any sport. Compromise may not win you any majors but it will stop you ending up like John Daly and being served one set of divorce papers during the 1993 Masters.