Courses are judged on four criteria and will be scored on points for each criteria based on a maximum of 10 points and a minimum of 1. Decimal points can also be used to assess clubs that are awarded similar scores.

  • Quality of test and design – variety of holes, presentation of hazards, use of all clubs in the bag
  • Visual appeal and enjoyment – the aesthetics of the course, its appeal to the eye and enjoyment factor for golfers of all categories
  • Fairness and presentation – what condition is the course in – firmness/smoothness of the greens, tees – topdressed, all year round conditioning or winter tees to protect – fairways are divots repaired, winter rules throughout the year – bunkers, enough sand, rakes provided
  • Ambience/history – feel good factor – does the course offer overall atmosphere – does it have tournament history, traditional values?


HSBC Regional Course Ranking Bronze Medal
HSBC Regional Course Ranking Silver Medal
HSBC Regional Course Ranking Gold medal

Clubs will be invited to host panellists, and depending on the scores they achieve will be awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. Clubs that are evaluated will be sent an HSBC Regional Course Rankings certificate acknowledging their award and will be featured in the colour supplement to accompany the October edition of Golf Monthly – published September 1st.