This is all very easy to understand but vital if you want to develop a successful stroke. Keep your feet at shoulder width apart for a comfortable and solid base. The ball position is also crucial. Place yourself with two balls width inside your left heel.

You want to develop a good grip by placing your hands together on opposing sides of the club so that they work together.

Your eyes should be directly over the ball. Dangle your hands so that your hands rest underneath your shoulders and align yourself square to the ball-to-line target.

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Devise a consistent pre-shot routine with the help of these tips and you’ll find it easier to strike the ball where you want.

Make practice strokes next to the ball. Try to use the stroke that you’ll be using during the actual putt. Practice as many strokes as you can so you are comfortable with the feel.


Laser your line: Address the ball and turn your head to look along the line you have chosen. As you do so, burn an imaginary line into the green with your eyes as if you are firing a laser beam at the grass.


Take one final look at the hole along your intended line, look back to the ball and pull the trigger. This is a great technique for visualising the putt and makes your mind realise exactly what you are trying to do.

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Sense drill

Try the see and hear drill: This is a great way build confidence before your round. Place four balls a foot from the hole in a circle. Work around the balls seeing and hearing the sound of each striking the putter and then dropping. This will give your senses a great, positive message before playing.

Zone drill

When you have a 10 to 20 feet putt, you’re not going to hole-out all the time, so practice leaving the ball in the “Killer Zone” two-feet behind the hole. This gives you a short putt back and the ball might drop as it goes past. If it finishes in the “Dead Zone” short of the hole, it never had a chance.

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