Take a trip north of the border and you can expect to play some quality tracks at affordable prices. But no golfing expedition to Scotland is complete without a round on the Old Course at St. Andrews. It’s golf the way God wanted it to be played.

The myth about the old is that it’s one of the toughest courses in the world – not true. In fact generous fairways and greens are a rare commodity on champioship courses. So making a respectable score is a real posibility. But there are two serious obstacles – bunkers and wind.

If the wind blows (which it often does) you’ll need to bring your ‘A’ game to record a respectable final total. Usually the wind blows with you on the way out and into your face on the tougher back nine. With out of bounds running down the right hand side of the last five holes avoiding a slice goes without saying.

Then there are the bunkers. Don’t underestimate the hearbreaking quality of sand. These steep faced rivetted bad boys will make a monkey out of the best players in the world so don’t even think about trying a heroic shot ‘that Tiger would be proud of.’ In particular ‘Hell’ on 14 and the ‘Road Hole Bunker’ on 17 are not to be messed with.

Whether you’ve ripped the course up, been blown away or got stuck in the sand you’ll never forget the Old. The last three holes were crafted by the golfing Gods and simply must be played.

Best Hole: The 17th is one of the toughest and most famous holes in golf. A tough drive is followed by a near impossible second. Relish the challenge and try and avoid killing any spectators.

Location: West Sands Rd, St. Andrews, Fife KY16 9XL

Tel: 01334 466666

Web: www.standrews.org.uk

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