Twenty years ago, golfers bought their gear from one place and one place only ? their local golf pro. Sporting a natty cashmere sweater and a friendly smile he was the man you?d go to when new kit was on the agenda.

For club members it worked because the pro knew which clubs would suit their game (in other words, which ones they?d be able to hit past the ladies? tee!). And for non-members they had the security of dealing with someone who?d been given the PGA?s stamp of approval to dispense golfing wisdom. But things have changed.

This cosy arrangement has been weakened. The birth of the internet and the emergence of high street golf shops has given potential buyers additional options they never previously had.

A variety of makes, styles and prices to suit everyone has attracted the attention of most of the UK’s loyal band of players. So where should you be shopping for the kit that?s hopefully going to complement your game?