With the widest range of golf kit available at the most competitive prices on the internet or from the high street, it appears the poor old club pro is fighting a losing battle.

“Selling golf equipment is a real rat-race and it’s got worse over the last 20 years. A lot of the time I can’t compete with high street or internet prices so I don’t really blame people for buying clubs cheaper elsewhere ? it’s human nature,” says a dejected Tony Taylor, head pro at Macclesfield Golf Club.

But, what about that age-old relationship between a golfer and his pro?

Taylor recognises the importance of this bond more now than ever before. “It’s vital for me to protect the relationship between myself and the golfers at my club. I’ll give lessons to amateurs and offer them the best advice I can. They know that I’ll provide them with the right clubs to improve their game ? there’d be no point in ripping off my pupils.”

Golf clubs aren’t cheap and when making an expensive purchase, most will demand what’s right for their own game. So, for those willing to take the search beyond top-of-the-range kit to find the right clubs for them, the trusty club pro still holds the trump card.

And, for those about to embark on an amateur career, getting the right kit is even more essential. A pro will offer important advice and sell clubs to suit the individual in a way that the internet and shop assistants with a basic understanding of the game just can’t do.

“It’s imperative that anyone starting the game goes to a pro to get lessons and buy clubs. The professional will offer the whole package, vital when nurturing someone’s interest in the game,” explains Taylor.