Picking the right loft is vital when buying a wedge. Remember, the greater the loft the higher and shorter the ball will travel. Simple, right? But there are four types of wedge with differing degrees of loft: pitching 46-50, gap 51-54, sand 54-58 and lob 60-64. Before buying, make sure you have a clear idea of the job you need your wedge to perform, whether it be for chips around greens, bunker shots or approach shots from the fairway.


Bounce is the way the club sits at address. If the leading edge of the clubface touches the turf, the bounce angle is zero. If the back of the sole lifts the face up, away from the ground, the bounce angle could be anything up to 16. But how does this effect your game?

High bounce angles are best in bunkers or on lush fairways as it stops the clubhead burying deeply in the sand or grass and helps the club accelerate through the ball. Low bounce angles offer clean strikes in bunkers with fine sand or off tight fairways. So, what?s right for you will depend on the conditions you most often encounter.


Unlike when choosing irons or drivers, you won’t need to worry about the flex of the shaft in your wedge. Most come with a standard “wedge flex” which is fairly stiff – the best option for the average weekend golfer.


Black nickel, gunmetal, satin and chrome are some of the different finishes you’ll commonly see. When it comes to buying a wedge, it’s best to go for a finish that suits your personal taste. It’s also useful to bear in mind that darker finishes will not reflect the sun’s glare.

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