The image of watching your automatic golf caddy rolling gracefully up the aisle towards you on your wedding day, a tear in your eye, is one buried in most golfers’ subconscious. However, this is where it needs to stay.

“Women get upset because of the time men spend working on their golf swing compared to the time spent working on a relationship,” says Bennett. “It’s a commitment issue that can be dealt with in two ways. Either you include her in that time or you show that when push comes to shove your time with her is the most important thing.”

Including her in your hobby can mean anything from paying for lessons, taking her on to the practice putting green before you tee off for some one-on-one instruction or even asking her if she wants to walk the course while you play.

“Almost all these suggestions will be initially met with derision but psychologically they are incredibly valuable to her as all of a sudden your golf game is not off limits,” admits Bennett.

The alternative is to cancel a round of golf to be with her. “Don’t worry, this isn’t as drastic as it sounds,” says Erin Pestana, a marriage counsellor in Beverly Hills who has saved many a celebrity nuptial. “It’s also not the thin end of the wedge leading to an end to golf as you know it. Women aren’t stupid. Neither are they entirely unreasonable. They just need you to prove to them, just once, that when they need you, you will be there and not uncontactable on the golf course.”

Did she really say that women aren’t entirely unreasonable?