Fergus Bisset

Contributing Editor

More than a game: Lucky seven

Monsoon season hits Aberdeenshire and the Alliance is under threat. Can play go ahead despite the deluge?

From the end of 2008 the European Tour Order of Merit will be known as, “The Race to Dubai.” The top 60 players from all events on the European Tour…

Rich in culture, history and great food, the region of Emilia Romagna boasts a potent mix of everything that is at the centre of Italy’s character. It is also the…

More than a game: A forced layoff

A seemingly endless stream of visitors and visits are stopping Fergus playing golf, so far he's coping relatively well.

More than a game: A late entry

A dedicated blogger never fails to post on time. Fergus is a day late, just what is his excuse?

Visit the black sands and volcanic rocks of the largest Canary Island to discover an unexpected golf paradise

More than a game: Young at heart

After a weekend of heavy golfing, Fergus reflects on the standard scratch system and a set of six dining room chairs.

More than a game: In the doldrums

When the top players have problems with their game they stay positive. Fergus would be ranked somewhere below the "top" bracket.