Fergus Bisset

Contributing Editor

There are three Scots still battling at Carnoustie but the likelihood of a home winner is decreasing by the minute.

The Scottish contingent is seriously depleted as the third round action gets underway. The list of Scots who made the halfway cut is somewhat surprising.

After one and a bit rounds of the 136th Open Championship the home players are experiencing mixed fortunes and there’s been a surprisingly good performance from a former champion.

The 16th is the longest par three on the Open rota. The hole sees very few birdies and an awful lot of bogeys. At 248 yards it can be as…

An Hour in the Life

The 16th is the longest par 3 on the Open rota. At 248 yards it can require a driver when the wind’s against. The hole sees very few birdies and…

The tournament kicks off and some Scots are among the early starters.

It's been hard work but there's finally been a siting of Monty. And a few other home players to boot.

Find out how Monty, Lawrie and the other Scottish warriors are dealing with predicatbly poor weather on Monday morning.

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