Fergus Bisset

Contributing Editor

More than a game: A grand tour

Fascinating history, a spectacular array of golf courses and generous amounts of whisky: Dundee is the city of Discovery.

More than a game: A hard fight

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet. The playing conditions are surely perfect, but golfers are a fickle breed.

More than a game: A great start

Banchory Golf Club's 2007 season gets underway with the April Medal. Fergus has ambitious aims for the year, can he get off to a flier?

More than a game: The problem with summer

Playing golf in the summer is great: the full course, leaves on the trees and a warm sun. The only thing is that everyone is of the same opinion.

More than a game: The end is nigh

The Alliance season is coming to a close, but there's one final meeting. Fergus is keen to do a Jon Bon Jovi and go out in a blaze of glory.

More than a game: a difficult choice

Golf Monthly’s contributing editor Fergus Bisset has had a week away from his beloved Alliance – but with good reason. He headed off to play with former Open champion (and…

More than a game: Back from the brink

It's always tough to bounce back from a poor performance but, around a familiar track in good conditions, Fergus has a good chance.

More than a game: Reality bites

There are few sports more psychologically demanding than golf. When you reach the lowest ebb the outlook is bleak.

More than a game: A tactical error

Trying to outfox the Scottish weather is like trying to play a mind trick on Derren Brown. You'll never succeed and will probably end up looking foolish.

More than a game: The bubble bursts

After a successful outing last week Fergus is confident he's unlocked the secret to golf. If only it were that simple.

More than a game: A secure performance

Contending with the January weather, nigh on impossible navigation and the threat of terrorism, playing good golf is seriously challenging.

More than a game: A Happy New Year

The Alliance re-starts after the winter break. Conditions are not ideal but Fergus is feeling inspired. Can he get off to a flier in 2007?

More than a game: A competitive Christmas

One significant trophy is still up for grabs in 2006. The competitors have spent a full year preparing and the coveted title is sure to be hotly contested.

More than a game: The dawn of a new era

There are no more Alliance competitions in 2006 so Fergus has had some time to reflect on a few wider life-issues and a significant imminent event.