Fergus Bisset

Contributing Editor

Rich in culture, history and great food, the region of Emilia Romagna boasts a potent mix of everything that is at the centre of Italy’s character. It is also the…

More than a game: A forced layoff

A seemingly endless stream of visitors and visits are stopping Fergus playing golf, so far he's coping relatively well.

More than a game: A late entry

A dedicated blogger never fails to post on time. Fergus is a day late, just what is his excuse?

Visit the black sands and volcanic rocks of the largest Canary Island to discover an unexpected golf paradise

More than a game: Young at heart

After a weekend of heavy golfing, Fergus reflects on the standard scratch system and a set of six dining room chairs.

More than a game: In the doldrums

When the top players have problems with their game they stay positive. Fergus would be ranked somewhere below the "top" bracket.