Jeremy Ellwood

Come with us on a tantalising tour of what we consider to be the 10 best links courses in the UK, from long-heralded classics to a highly acclaimed newcomer

Sunningdale Golf Club New Course Pictures

Within these shores we are blessed with a rich variety of courses both around the coast and inland. Here are what we feel to be our 10 best inland courses

golf inventions

The world is continually evolving and golf is no different. Here are what we feel to be nine of golf’s greatest inventions over the last 120 or so years…

high to low hook drill

To straighten out your hook, GM Top 25 Coach Ged Walters suggests checking your grip and working hard to stop your hands over-rotating through impact

pressure putting practice

Peter Finch suggests a great pressure putting practice drill in which you stop aiming at the hole itself and aim at something on your line closer to you

Peter Finch: Fringe Putting Drill

To improve your distance putting, quality of strike is vital, so focus on that first, then try Peter Finch's fringe putting drill to really hone things

chipping action

Peter Finch recommends a different chipping action from good lies and bad lies too, where this particular alternative technique comes into its own...

new way to pitch

Many top pros - certainly those with the best short games - now use the sole's bounce far more when pitching. Peter Finch explains golf's new way to pitch

golf's set-up essentials

Peter Finch explains how golf's set-up essentials like grip, posture, and stance have a huge bearing on where you'll be at impact and the resulting flight