Jeremy Ellwood

impact basics

If you wish to change or improve your technique, you must first grasp the impact basics that generate golf's various ball flights. Peter Finch explains...

Ryan Fox Golf Swing

In this Ryan Fox Golf Swing Sequence, GM Top 25 Coach Barney Puttick checks out the powerful New Zealander who has hit the World Top 100 this season

3-wood from the fairway

GM Top 25 Coach Peter Dawson says believe in the loft and really chase the ball down the line to sweep your 3-wood away from the fairway

Golf is a sociable game but there will always be some who wind you up on the course. Here are our Top 10 sources of irritation...

Golf SSS And CSS Explained

SSS & CSS confuse many golfers. Here's a brief explanation and summary of the two concepts

practice on the course

Generally, practice on the course is prohibited in competitions, but there are certain exceptions as GM's Jeremy Ellwood learns from The R&A's Shona McRae

Rules of Golf Equipment Rules

Golf Monthly's Jeremy Ellwood discusses some of the essential golf equipment Rules governing the clubs you use out on the course with The R&A's Shona McRae

Rules of Golf The Flagstick

Golf Monthly's Jeremy Ellwood takes a look at some of the essential Rules governing the flagstick with The R&A's Shona McRae