Jeremy Ellwood

control your greenside spin

Peter Dawson explains how to control your greenside spin and play both spinning and running chips from the same set-up with just minor changes in execution

The Keys To Power In The Golf Swing

GM Top 25 Coach Peter Dawson explains how keeping the backswing wide, and turning into your back leg are the keys to power in the golf swing

Importance of the pre-round warm-up

Finding time for a pre-round warm-up isn’t always easy, but it will certainly improve your chances of playing well as GM Top 25 Coach Peter Dawson explains

TaylorMade CEO David Abeles tells us more about the sale of the brand, the signing of Rory, and the latest products to hit the shelves in 2017...

Get it right at set-up and you’ll take some of the sting out of the 50 yard bunker shot as Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Peter Dawson explains

step-by-step giude to pitching

GM Top 25 Coach Peter Finch offers some tips and drills to perfect the 50-yard pitch shot and really improve your up-and-down percentage from that range

Tee Peg Bunker Drill For Golf

Get your bunker shot basics correct and you'll soon be splashing out with confidence as GM Top 25 Coach, Ged Walters, explains

Putting Arc Drill

GM Top 25 Coach Ged Walters suggests a simple putting arc drill to help you groove your stroke’s natural movement on the greens