Jeremy Ellwood

Improve Posture For Better Chips

If you're duffing chips it could be down to posture at address. GM Top 25 Coach, Peter Dawson, offers some tips to get you hitting crisp greenside chips

How To Play The Low Punch Shot

There are two ways to play the low punch shot in golf - ball back or weight forward. GM Top 25 Coach, Peter Dawson, prefers the latter approach...

What Causes A Hook And How Do I Cure It?

What causes a hook? GM Top 25 Coach, Andrew Reynolds, looks at some common causes of golf’s destructive left-of-target shot and how to cure them

Stop Pushing Short Putts

Want to stop pushing short putts? GM Top 25 Coach, Peter Dawson, says good posture encourages the pendulum stroke needed for close-range consistency

How To Improve Your Impact Position

Golf Monthly Top 25 Coach Ged Walters offers some great tips and drills to improve your impact position and striking, and avoid the dreaded 'scoop'

Hybrid Club Strategy

GM Top 25 coach Peter Dawson looks at your hybrid club strategy options from long range, in the rough and even around the greens...

We've teamed up with Cobra to give 2 golfers a chance to lower their scores in 2017 the ‘smarter way’ via the Cobra Smarter Ways to Lower Scores experience

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Golf Monthly Top 25 coach, Peter Dawson, suggests two great short putting drills to really sharpen up your game in that vital 6-8ft range...

Jeremy Ellwood explains the extent of the teeing ground as defined by the Rules, and what happens if you inadvertently play from beyond its boundaries

Jeremy Ellwood looks at some golf scorecard essentials, and some of the slips of the pencil you need to avoid to stay the right side of the Rules