We take a look at the best slimline game improver irons you can buy in 2019, aimed at the improving mid handicapper or the better player seeking more forgiveness


Best Compact Mid-Handicap Irons 2019

Take a look at some of the Best Compact Mid-Handicap Irons 2019 below.

Buying a new set of irons can be an expensive minefield if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Nowhere is this more true than in the mid-handicap sector, where players can potentially use every option in a brand’s range with some degree of success. For golfers in the 8-to-18 handicap range, the search parameters can vary significantly.

Those who are steadily improving will seek a smaller set that offers plenty of feel and control, while those who are perhaps heading the other way, or playing less often, will be more suited to designs that offer higher levels of forgiveness.

Whichever models make the grade, you are going to enjoy seeing and feeling the benefits of modern technology. These include the likes of pocket-cavity designs that put forgiveness in smaller head shapes, tungsten weighting that helps reduce twisting on heel and toe mishits, and thinner faces and sole slots that mean you’ll find the power normally associated with larger-profile irons.

Below are some of our favourites. 

Best Compact Mid-Handicap Irons 2019

Titleist 718 AP2 Irons

Titleist 718 AP2 Irons Review, Best Compact Mid-Handicap Irons 2018

The 718 AP2 improves upon the technology and performance that have made AP2 one of the most popular modern tour irons. The co-forged, cavity back design provides ultimate playability with consistent distance and forgiveness, packaged in a tour-validated profile that delivers pure forged feel.

PING i500 Irons

Ping i500 Irons Review

The best looking iron in Ping’s range, the i500 has a classic muscle back look to it and yet it is in fact completely hollow which allows for greater speed and forgiveness. It has a forged face made from the same C300 maraging steel as the G400 woods which is extremely strong but also very flexible. As a result, it flexes at impact by two thirds of its own thickness, for increased ball speed and distance.

Honma Tour World TW747 Vx Irons

New to 2019, the Honma TW747 Vx irons have been developed to maximise forgiveness and consistency without compromising on the classic, forged aesthetics. The way this has been achieved is by focusing on the centre of gravity. For example Honma have added 10g weights to the toe side, the neck has been shortened 3 millimetres compared to the previous model and Face Progression has been reduced to achieve a lower centre of gravity which helps distance and create solid contact with the ball.

Mizuno JPX919 Forged Irons

Mizuno JPX 919 Irons Review

Mizuno has made some subtle changes from the previous JPX 900 irons, but they should make them a more appealing prospect. The first is a stability frame, which comprises an open heel section to provide more perimeter weighting elsewhere, while the second is a new Pearl Brush finish, said to reduce sun glare and enhance durability.

TaylorMade M5 Irons

TaylorMade M5 Irons Review

Along with its M6 brother, the new M5 by TaylorMade comes with their innovative Speed Bridge, a high-strength structural beam running across the cavity to connect the top-line with the back bar of the iron. By connecting these specific points that vibrate at impact, the increased rigidity in the topline and upper perimeter of the face delivers improved sound and feel with increased ball speed.

Out of the two new models, the M5 is a smaller cavity-back design with a deep undercut that provides good feel and enhanced shot-making. The M5’s sole now includes a leading-edge chamfer for cleaner turf interaction. It has been designed for mid-handicap players seeking both improved performance and a clean, compact appearance at address.

Cobra King Forged Tec Irons

Cobra King Forged Tec Irons Review

High-density tungsten weights in the heel and toe of the clubhead mean the GC is lowered and centred for added forgiveness. The shafts feature progressive weighting, increasing in 3g increments from lightest in the long-irons. This promotes a higher launch and more speed in the long-irons, while helping accuracy and control in the short-irons. Cobra Connect Smart Sensors embedded in the grips automatically track shots. Consistency is one of this iron’s strongest features, alongside the looks and the ability to track your performance.

Callaway Apex 19 Pro

Callaway Apex 19 Pro Review

The new Apex 19 Pro from Callaway shares many of the feel and ball-speed technologies of the Apex 19, but has a more compact look. To enhance scoring performance, an average of 50 grams of tungsten has been infused into each iron to assist ball-flight control. Additionally, the key piece of technology in this new iron is Callaway’s urethane microspheres which are millions of tiny little air pockets that help dampen down vibration in the head without sacrificing and speed. This therefore enhances ball speed, distance and improved feel.

TaylorMade P790 Irons

Taylormade P790 Irons Review

This is a quality set of irons that will provide golfers looking for more distance a significant boost, while at the same time the appearance suggests they are aimed at better players. It may be the largest in the Players series, but its Speed Pocket creates greater forgiveness and considering it all comes in a slimline package, that’s might appealing.

Titleist 718 AP3 Irons

Titleist AP3 Irons Review

The distance comes from an unsupported thin face insert that springs to launch shots high and with plenty of spin. A hollow-blade body construction then pushes weight to the edges of the head and, combined with high-density tungsten weighting, offers lots of off-centre forgiveness. It ticks plenty of other boxes too, with a classic and elegant look that’s significantly less chunky than AP1 from address and only slightly larger than AP2.

Wilson Staff C300 Forged Irons

Wilson Staff C300 Irons Review

The C300 irons feature Power Holes around the entire club head to minimise contact between the body and face, providing maximum flex and expanding the sweet spot for greater ball speeds across the entire hitting surface. Everything else about the way this iron performs screams distance. The low spin combined with a high launch and ball flight is a recipe for impressive yardages. That and the explosive feel and ample forgiveness, which comes from the overall size and flexible face.

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons Review

Part of the stunning MP-18 range of irons from Mizuno, the MMC is the most lively of the three types of iron. Compared to the blade and the SSC, off the face the MMC feels springy, like the ball leaves it more quickly, and has a louder sound to match. When you factor in the lofts are two degrees stronger (28° 6-iron compared to 30° for the MP-18 SC and MP-18), golfers will certainly get more distance and forgiveness from this club, although they’ll need to be willing to pay for it at £150 per club.

Callaway Rogue Pro Irons


Callaway Rogue Pro Irons, Best Compact Mid-Handicap Irons 2018

Callaway Rogue Pro Irons Review

Featuring a compact head shape and slightly weaker lofts than the standard Rogue irons, the Rogue Pro irons are long, accurate and easier to control. Urethane Microspheres dampen vibrations, which helps create an improved sound and feel without impacting ball speed. They offer a more traditional look at address and should appeal to mid handicappers and even more skilled golfers.

Srixon Z 785 Irons

Srixon Z 785 Review

As used by Tour stars Shane Lowry and Ryan Fox the Z 785 irons from Srixon look like a pure muscle-back and yet still provide forgiveness thanks to the additional mass behind the impact location. Importantly this also helps with shot-shaping ability and versatility.

Callaway Epic Pro Irons

Callaway Epic Pro Irons Revealed

The Callaway Epic Pro Irons have 360 Face Cup technology for longer average distance along with Exo-Cage construction which stiffens the body to allow the face to take on more load at impact, promoting faster ball speed and more distance. it also has a smaller head, slimmer top line, thinner sole and less offset than standard Epic.

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